Incredibly light carbon fibre frame together with dual titanium hook give the Marine boarding ladders slightly positive buoyancy while maintaining very good mechanical properties.

Threaded inserts in ladder stiles allow installation of our standard stand-off extenders and titanium anchoring eyes at the bottom end of stiles allow installation of our special wire rope extending ladder.

Mechanical endurance tests performed at extreme conditions (+60°c/-40°C).

Fully compatible with all LADCARB accessories including assault platform adapters.

All materials tested for use in a marine environment.

  • MATERIAL:Extremely light and strong carbon composite tubes made by the most advanced axial fibre laying technology. Integrated dual hook made of Titanium.
  • CHARACTERISTICS:High strength, extremely low weight, increased impact resistance.
  • DESIGN:Dual titanium hook, replaceable stand-off devices, wire ladder connectors, lifting cone.

Compatible with LADCARB Stand-off Extenders and Wire Ladders


While the LADCARB Marine Boarding ladders lifted by the TACPOLE 320 telescopic pole are used for boarding smaller vessels (with hull height up to 4 m), for boarding larger ships we can offer solutions consisting of hooks, telescopic pole (or – eventually – a RollaTube pole) and soft Wire or Webbing ladder. This way it is possible to board even big ships with hulls up to 15 m high. See the LADCARB Hook and Pole solutions in the Applications!