FIX-LITE SINLAD single ladders can be made according to the specific needs resulting from pre-defined scenarios where using sectional ladders is time consuming.

The best example is attacking hijacked airplanes or hostage rescue operations. Single ladders can be connected together by Dual ladder connectors for faster entry of larger assault teams.

Custom-made lengths from 1.4 to 5.0 m by 0.3 m.

  • MATERIAL:Extremely strong carbon fibre tubes made by the most advanced axial fibre laying technology.
  • CHARACTERISTICS:High strength, low weight, increased impact resistance, quiet operation.
  • DESIGN:Customized length by 0.3 m for pre-defined operational scenarios. Universal connecting interface identical with other LADCARB models.
  • WIDE RANGE OF ACCESSORIES:Tactical hooks, stand-off devices, assault platform adapter, walk/drive on plate, etc. Also compatible with HENRIKSEN – REBS tactical hooks.
  • MANY WAYS OF USING:Leaning ladder, hook ladder, bridge ladder, assault platform ladder, dual ladder.
Maximum length 5.0 m
Total weight at 5 m 10.0 kg
Inner width 360 mm
Rung spacing 300 mm
MBL Leaning ladder 400 kg
MBL Bridge 150 kg
MBL Hook ladder 300 kg
MBL Rung 300 kg

LADCARB FIX-LITE SINLAD ladders are fully compatible with LADCARB accessories.